Sunday, June 09, 2013

Tethering Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone or Rooting Your Android

January 22 2012. That was the date of my last post on my blog. Ha, it seems like life does creep up on me and change my priorities! Anyway, today I felt like making a couple of YouTube videos about how to tether your iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It was kind of fun and hopefully someone will benefit from my extremely laborious video editing (in Windows Movie Maker). ;) I thought I'd throw them up on my blog just in case there is anyone who checks it out once in awhile. The content is probably not relevant but at least it's something different than what has been up for over a year!

So, without further to do here is the video on turning your android device into a Wi-Fi hotspot:

And here is how to tether your iPhone 5 without jailbreaking:

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