Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Captain Speaking

Every day at noon the captain makes an announcement while sailing. Today as we were listening to the list of things he had to pass on to us he made one statement that stood out.

"No one should take showers from this point on."

Right now we are also on what hot cat (Hotel and Catering) calls "restricted laundry" which means on our weekly laundry day we are limited to washing only 7 items plus your underwear bag. You see, we've been having issues with our R.O. fresh water production plants. We have 2 units and about a week ago the first one stopped working and couldn't be fixed without resources from on shore. Now the second one is broken as well. It isn't a life-and-death situation because we will be able to bunker water tomorrow at a small island that we are stopping at for fuel. The city originally didn't have capacity to give us water but being that we have a ways to go yet we really need to take on water so the city is actually going to turn the water for the city off in order to give us the volume that we need. What an answer to prayer.

Okay, back to work I go! I just finished my lunch break for today. We get a generous 1 hour to take lunch and it is enough time to get a few other things done if you're motivated.

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