Friday, May 14, 2010


Antigua was a beautiful little island that was not too touristy. If you want to read about Antigua and more details I linked the title of this post to the Wikipedia article. I know I know, linking to Wikipedia is not cool because it could potentially be inaccurate but just deal with it. Sometimes when we're in a touristy port it is nice to be in an area that is very Americanized because the USD is always accepted and the stores are similar and it feels like home but sometimes it's cool for it to just be plain and simple. Below we are just about to arrive. People always come up to deck 9 and watch as we come up against the quayside.
This is a concrete platform strictly for the purpose of ships being able to anchor their mooring lines to the bollards. There are also shock absorbers for ships to come up against and not be damaged because of the giving materials that the absorber is made of.

People usually bring out their flags and act all patriotic. It's pretty sweet.
Here is the line up team that had been in Antigua for about two months getting things ready for the ship to come. Things like events, sponsors, coordination of an internet connection and other required things for everything to run smoothly.
On the other side of the quayside there was a research ship that had many specially designed devices for searching the ocean floor. Very cool.
All of that is interesting and all but best of all there was an ice cream shop right as you come onto the shore! This ice cream shop was no ordinary ice cream shop though. All of the waffle cones, ice cream, and chocolate are made right there in the shop. I'm pretty sure it's the best ice cream I've ever had. If you're ever passing through Antigua I'd recommend stopping through and having a medium cone. One scoop of chocolate coconut and one of pineapple. You won't be disappointed. ;)
Yes, I'll admit it. I'm very American. I love my ice cream. I love my food. I miss the freedom of driving. I don't even care what I drive I just want to drive something! I haven't driven anything since I left Minnesota back in January! I'm starting to forget what it was like!

Anyway, I only have a little under 2 months remaining on the ship and I know that it is going to probably go faster than I want it to. It's been awesome so far. Thanks for your support and prayer as I keep things "flowing" on the Logos Hope.


Melanie said...

I miss driving too, Ben! It has been 9 months for me since I last drove any distance. I might be a hazard at this point once I reach the States again! Look out!

By the way, we get to come back this summer, so we will be seeing you then! Can't wait!

Sam and Melissa Sahlstrom said...

Love it...and as always we think of you often! Thanks for the update!

muzic4him said...

Hey, Ben!! I've enjoyed looking at your blog the past few weeks. Your photography has come a *long* ways since our family stayed with you that one Thanksgiving. :-)

I've actually leaving for a trip to Antigua this Saturday for 6 weeks of language school. :-) I'll have to look up that ice cream shop you recommended. ;-)

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