Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Off Days

Since I've been on the ship I've had quite a few chances to go out and experience the areas that we've been docked at. I'm going to mention a few of them just to let you in on the things we do that aren't necessarily work related.

Right after a rain in Aurba.

This was our trip to Dunn's River Falls. If you ever see anything about Jamaica and what it has to offer, Dunn's River Falls is bound to be one of the places mentioned. It's location is very unique because of the way the waterfall ends on the beach! If you're interested you can read more about it by clicking on the title for this post.

When we were in Montego Bay we had beaches fairly close by so we would head out whenever the opportunity presented itself!

Below: Euan, Lydie, Naomi, me, and Phil. This is also back in Montego Bay after we had been to the beach. There were quite a few nice little shops around that we spent some time going through. I think it's so cool how you can haggle and barter with the shopkeepers pretty much anywhere you go! There have been a token few who have had firmly set prices.
I think that the below picture is awesome! I have to admit though that I didn't capture this photo, as is perhaps evident since the shadow on the right is me. The credit goes to Liz. Also this picture was taken with a point-and-shoot camera so it's possible to get amazing pictures with an average camera.
Thanks for your patience with my posts! Yesterday was crammed full with excitement! It was my off day and a few of us headed out into Kingston to try to find a few shops to get some supplies from. Since there aren't many places in Jamaica that have quality products, it took a little research to figure out just where to go - but boy did we hit the jackpot! There were even stores where they had name brand clothing! I really needed socks. I was down to 7 pairs and one pair was mismatched due to Euan "needing" one of my socks for himself on one of our outings. So yesterday went by amazingly fast so I didn't get the chance to post. I'll be back tomorrow with more!

God bless!

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