Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Deaf School

What a blessing it is to be able to serve people who are less fortunate than myself. I'm coming to realize more and more that the things we all take for granted every day really could be taken away at any time. The simple ability to see, feel, touch, taste, and smell are things that allow us to interact and experience the world around us.

I was talking with some of my friends here on the ship and someone asked me this question: "If you had to sacrifice one of your senses which one would it be?" It's strange thinking about it and most people came to decide that taste is the thing they'd give up. No one wanted to lose their sense of touch, seeing, or hearing. The simple thought of becoming deaf sends shivers up my spine knowing that in that situation I'd never be able to enjoy any sounds in the world from the simple every day sounds to the exotic sounds of music. Not to mention losing the ability to speak.

This is exactly how all of the kids at the deaf school must feel every day. Most of them have been deaf from birth. Our team did a number of different activities with the children. We had one individual who's parents had been deaf and therefore she was able to sign fluently. She shared her story and then we proceeded to play some games with the kids. Soccer is pretty much what everyone outside of the USA is obsessed over so that is what we played. I stayed behind the camera for the game capturing the beautiful Jamaican sunset and gorgeous lighting.

Above we organized the kids into two teams and held a relay race! It was really neat seeing all of them interacting and cheering each other on just by signing.

The above picture was from one of the skits that we performed for the kids. Everyone on the team got to show the children their flag and tell them a little bit about their home countries and families.
I have a huge respect for the attitude that the kids all had despite their circumstances.

Please keep the Logos Hope in your prayers as we continue to share the message throughout Jamaica.

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K said...

Hi Ben
Small world...I'm an ex-douloi, grew up in chandler and I'm now teaching at SW in Edgerton. How did you find out about the ships? I didn't know there was anyone from around here who had any connection with them, but I'm glad! Hope you have a great time onboard...especially now with the influx of douloids. If you haven't gotten to know Lenhart Plaatjes yet, go find him. Call him Sir Lenhart the Humble Hearted...
and great pictures! making me miss the sea...

Kimberly said...

I really like your blog and you are a great photographer! I will definitely be following. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben!
I was really surprised when I read all your latest posts! I am so excited for you and I'm praying for you. Great pictures (as always)! They make me miss the sea too...
God bless!

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