Thursday, December 03, 2009

Annika's First Pheasant

So I finally purchased a pheasant license a few weeks ago when my dad convinced me to do so and I think I've only went hunting three times and shot 4 birds. I guess the price of buying a license deters me more than anything from heading out with my 12. I sometimes bring my camera instead just because I don't have to buy a license.
All licenses and cameras aside, I love getting out there and trudging about in the long grass just waiting for that moment, that very fleeting moment of motion, sound, and awesome excitement (That is if it is a rooster and not a hen. Seeing a hen is kind of like showing a little kid a piece of candy and then taking it away again.) when you have that chance to shoot that glorious Chinese bird. My sister Annika has, as of this past weekend, shot her first one ever! (The crowd goes wild!)

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Melanie said...

WooHoo, Annika! Way to go!

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