Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mount Rushmore

Hey everyone! I am sitting on a log on a steep slope in the Black Hills borrowing some wifi from the kind neighbors! It is getting hard to see the keys as the darkness is swiftly closing about me while I am frantically posting my short little note about our vacation out here in the Black Hills!
Yesterday we had the chance to visit Mount Rushmore! I had been there once before but for the rest of my siblings it was their first time. The pictures above and below were taken during the evening show which was very awesome!

To every great achievement there is a great man that deserves the recognition for his accomplishment. This man being Gutzon Borglum. The master designer/sculpture of Mount Rushmore.

God truly blessed us with some beautiful weather!

It took us awhile but we did eventually find the Minnesota flag! Go Minnesota!

Below is me feeble attempt at creative composure for your viewing pleasure/horror. Lets hope it is not the latter. ;)

Oh and don't forget the shot that has been taken millions of times! It's so important that you see the faces from that awesome angle that you have seen a thousand times before. You know sometimes I almost don't take a picture because I know that it has been completely "shot to death"! Just a random thought.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! I'll be back soon with some more updates on our trip! My battery is about to die so I am going to quickly post this and head back to the cabin before I become a snack for some fortunately large animal/monster as it is almost too dark to see the ground, The light from the computer screen being all that is illuminating my skilled keystrokes! 10% battery remaining! I'll check in later!

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