Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bemidji Sunset
So as the sun was setting I was preparing for, what I hoped would be, an amazing sunset shoot! I wasn't too disappointed either! 
The clouds and sun were glorious! All pictures were taken with my D90 on a tripod. If there is one important thing that I could pound into someones head it would be to use a tripod whenever possible.
Now, as you may have noticed the above picture does not follow the "rule of thirds." That's okay though because rules are meant to be broken in certain situations. In this case the snow on the lake was not "good" enough for me to frame it. The subject is clearly the sun with the clouds above it therefore capturing the snow just to put the horizon on a third was not applicable.

Below was a puddle of melted snow and ice (Water?) that created a beautiful reflection for me near the public swimming area on Grace Lake.
It is now Sunday morning and Bombay and I are at Dunn Bros Coffee overlooking Lake Bemidji. It is beautiful! Perhaps I will have to post a few pictures of this wonderful little shop! Thanks for checking out my blog!

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