Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PWP Day 3

Hey everyone! I know I am a little bit late with this post but last night Brad and I decided to go taking night pictures. For the pictures that I posted yesterday the "orange" photo won the prize for the "orange" category! I also won the "old" contest. HERE is the link to the IPS website where my pictures have now been uploaded. There were three contests total on Monday and all three were taken with Nikon D90s! Below is the picture that I am entering into the "light" category. 

This guy was just taking it easy in the park and I actually had the opportunity to witness to him!
A little bit of macro photography

Here is the picture that I am entering into the "photo of the day" contest. It is one of the night pictures that I took last night. The picture was taken with my 50mm lens at f/1.4.

I love photography!


Tyler Johnson said...

Very Nice!

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Sam and Melissa Sahlstrom said...

All of these look intriguing! Reuben wants to know what the guy in the park said when you told him about God.

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