Monday, March 16, 2009

PWP 2 Day 1
Well we're back at it with PWP 2! Today we had a lesson on "dramatic lighting". We had to take 2 flower pictures, 2 army man pictures, 2 colored water pictures, and 2 candle pictures.
Below is Jake the crazy awesome gymnast doing a "flag pole" along with my military dude. Oh, and there isn't anyone holding his legs up either! He is just hanging onto the stop sign!

Here is a picture of "colored water". I placed my SB-600 Nikon flash under the glass to bring out the color in the water.

I used a gold reflector with my external flash to create the reflections in the sides of the candle holders. I thought it turned out quite nice!

I'll have more tomorrow!


Melanie said...

Good stuff, Ben! It was so great talking to you yesterday! I really like the water picture...the angle is great!

Sam and Melissa Sahlstrom said...

Wow! it did "turner" out nice! HA! Sorry, as your grammar teacher I get to do that, right? I really shouldn't pick on you, especially since we are so happy to see more photos! Great job!

Becca Charity said...
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Becca Charity said...

Wow Ben that is so cool! I hope you are having a blast! See you on Saturday I guess! love you lots!
love, Becca Charity!

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