Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, to those of you who don't know me I am pretty much a Walmart guru so why not take some pictures at such a wonderful location! Okay so you know how they push all of the snow into those giant piles in the parking lot right? (And Walmart has a huge parking lot because of it's awesomeness!) Plus since we've had a lot, no wait, a mother load of snow there was this amazing opportunity that presented itself! Well, actually we were waiting for the girls... which is routine every time you go somewhere that they can spend their petty pennies! Okay, I'm done, but the pictures, I thought, were pretty cool.
Above: Shutter speed was 10 seconds with an aperture of f/36 for maximum depth of field.

Here are the boring photo details. Feel free to skip over it or you can click on the links to learn what the numbers mean. The ISO was the same for both pictures at LO1 which is equivalent to 22. A star filter was used to create the lighting effect

Shutter speed was 10 seconds with an aperture of f/22 for a sharp depth of field.

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Fun stuff Ben! Keep teaching me stuff...I love hearing it all!

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