Monday, January 14, 2008

Yeee ha! There is nothing quite as fun as going out for a refreshing ride on your quad at any point in time during the year. Something about it is just freeing! You can somehow escape from all of the things that you know that you should be doing...ha ha. Anyway, the below picture is of Brad Hicks on his Suzuki 250. I was taking pictures so I was unable to get any of myself.

This is Sam Pfaffe. He is riding a Yamaha 200 2-stroke. (I generally dislike 2-strokes because of their higher maintenance.)
The one in the middle is a kid from Marshall. He was riding a very old Honda 200SX but was keeping up pretty well.
Now of course I had to put one of me on here! lol I will have to get one of my friends to take some pictures next time we ride.

Hope that you enjoyed this blog post! I will try to continue to update my blog periodically. If you check mine you probably have noticed that it does not get updated too often.
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♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

It looks like a lot of fun!!!

Unknown said...

UMMMM no jon never kept up and 2 ive never had to fix my yamaha once ... and uve had 2 fix urs like how many times ??? the first time i met u ur 4 wheeler was in peices

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