Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007

Today we didn't have anything really going on. When I woke up it was snowing! I had heard the day before that it was going to snow but it is still surprising when you get it this late. Anyway we had breakfast and I headed out to milk the cow. All went as usual and I was done in no time. I came in the house and started on my editing project for the movie that Skylar and I are producing for the contest coming up. It was going really well and I was all finished with what I could do because we are not quite finished capturing all of our footage. Anyway, when I was all done I went down stairs for lunch and when I came back up the computer had logged out and I lost all of the work that I had done! I guess that is how it goes with electronics but I am going to have to start all over. I guess it is a lesson on patience. So now I have to attempt to take a chemistry test before the day is over. Next we did unit study and I have a few more subjects left to complete. I am doing one of them right now (Journaling) So that is all for now!

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