Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter Vacation

This last weekend my cousin Nat came don to visit from crown collage because had Easter break. We had a blast! On the first day that he was here we just goofed off and ended up staying up until 2:00 or so. On Friday we went into the bank in Tracy and got 200 dollars worth of coins. We divided the 200 dollars between pennies, nickles, dimes, and quarters giving us 50$ of each. The lady at the counter asked us if we had anything to carry them out in but we didn't so we ended up using Nat's coat to carry them in. we looked like we were robbing the bank because he was carrying this huge bag of coins out of the bank in his leather jacket. After that we went to DQ and got our selves some ice-cream. It was a lot of fun. Once we got back It was time for me to do chemistry labs with the other home-schooled students at my place. (we take turns hosting it) There was Hannah, Meridith, Anna, Maddie, and I that were doing it. I was really mad at this one boy that was supposed to do chemistry with us but he dropped out leaving me as the only boy. Oh well I guess that is the way it goes. So anyway, that took about four hours and it all went good. We did this one experiment that we used lemon juice and wrote on a piece of paper with it using a Q-tip and then let it dry. After it was dry we mixed up some water with a little bit of iodine and then put the paper into the solution. It was awesome! It made the paper turn all blue except for where you had written on the paper with the lemon water! So I thought that was pretty cool.

So after we had finished up with chemistry some of the people that were in chemistry left. Most of them however stayed and hung out for awhile. Annika and Meridith wanted me to help them start working on a movie for this event coming up. So they were doing that for quite awhile. After all was said and done I went onto the computer and was talking to Jacob and he was wondering if we wanted to come to a movie with him. I told him that I would talk to my parents and they said that we could go. Annika was coming with us but she didn't want to watch a movie so she called Liana and asked her if we could just hang out with them at her house. So that is what we ended up doing which I am glad that we did because that way you get to actually interact with each other rather than just watching a movie. So we just sat around and played games until 11:45 and then we headed home. We had Brad and Meridith with us so we dropped them off on the way. By the time we got home it was 12:20 or so and we still hadn't eaten supper so we put a pizza in the oven to be our supper. It took around an hour to cook so we just talked until then. After we ate our pizza we finally went to bed.

Saturday: We had a few different things going on and we kinda slept in because we stayed up so late. I got a phone call around 7:30 and that is what woke me up. It was Chelsie and she was told me that they were going to be playing volleyball Saturday night and was wondering if we wanted to come. I said that I would ask and see what my parents wanted to do. After I got off of the phone we started looking through all of the coins we had gotten the day before. I think we had 9 wheat pennies before we quit which was around 11:00 am or so. Jacob had called and was wondering if we could come play walleyball with him at the YMCA but that didn't work out because we were making cheese and ice-cream. Around 4:00 Cindy called and talked to my mom and was talking about the volleyball thing that night. My mom said that Nat, Annika and I could just go because they had to finish some stuff. It started at 7:00 and it is just for the fun of it so it doesn't really matter what time that you get there. We got there at 7:30 and jumped in their game. It was a blast! I loved it. We played until around 10:45 or so and then headed home. When we got home it was like 11:30 an we had decided to try to go to sleep a little bit earlier but we still didn't go to sleep until around 1:00.

The next morning was Church so we headed into that at around 10:00. When we got home we had lunch and then my dad got a call that one of the main water lines at the trailer court had broken under ground and water was coming up. My dad, Na and I went in to take a look at it and had them call Gopher1 to come check out where all of the lines were. We stopped and got some candy since it was Easter Sunday and then headed over to the Hickses to have an Easter egg hunt. After the hunt was done we played volleyball until it got dark and then we headed home. We went to sleep at around 2:00 I would say. So it was an AWESOME weekend.

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