Monday, September 04, 2006

Tracy Parade

This morning we started to get ready to go in the parade for Labor Day in Tracy, MN. We were doing an Awana float for our church. We mounted the signs in the back of my dad's Ford f150 King Ranch and mounted an American flag along with a Christian flag on the top.

We left at about 11:30 and were about a mile away when we looked in the rear view mirror and we saw the float, in the pickup, lift out and go crashing to the ground! We quick stopped the truck and backed up to the site. At first it looked ok, but when we looked closer we saw that one of the 2x4s that held up the flags and Awana signs had broken!

We got it back in the truck and we had to go back and get some wood and screws to fix it. My mom was behind us with our van so my dad hopped in there and went back and got the stuff to fix it. He got back in 5-7 minutes and we fixed the problems. It didn't look too bad for what it had gone through.

He had me sit in the back the rest of the way to hold down the float. We went to our church to pick up some people that were coming with us on the float. After that we went down and got in line.

The parade started at about 1:00 but it takes awhile to feel the affect when you are back towards the end. So we started to move at about 1:30. Once we got going it wasn't to bad. My job was to watch and make sure that the flags didn't catch any tree branches or wires and to keep the candy buckets filled for the people that were walking. I also did the Awana music for the float. When I wasn't doing any of the above I got to sit on top through the sun roof and gock at the people. Just kidding! Well I had fun anyway.

So that is my day in the parade!

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