Monday, September 04, 2006

Today I fixed a few problems on my Honda 300 4x4. I had noticed an oil leak and had taken off the starter cover where I thought the leak was coming from. Well, when I did so, I found that the starter bearing had gone out so I marked that down on my eternal list of parts that I needed to order. I also marked down a missing side cover bolt and a gasket where the oil leak was.

While I had the starter cover off I noticed that one of that shafts that held a gear in place had a rough end and was a little too short so I figured that someone had lost the original and put a piece of rod in. I marked that down along with a few other odds and ends and ordered the parts.

When the parts came I started by removing the starter cover to reveal the gears and bearings of the starter gearing. I needed to get out the old bearing race that was in the side cover, which was difficult because I had no way of getting behind it to push/pound it out. I thought about it for awhile and decided to weld a piece of black iron pipe on the race and twist it out with a pipe wrench. It worked great! One of my friends, Ryan Tholen was helping me and was pulling up on the black iron pipe and when it came loose it came up and smacked into his head! It wasn't too bad but it must have hurt! Anyway, next we scraped off the old gasket and sanded the old gasket sealer off. Then I sprayed it with some carb cleaner and got off all the old junk on it. I oiled up the gears and parts and then I pressed in the new starter bearing. It went in smooth as butter. and so I replaced the gears and shafts and bearings to their respected places and tightened the new gasket in between the starter cover and the starter/crankcase.

I had also bought a cover that was missing and I tightened that on as well. I double checked everything and made sure all was well. I turned on the key and tried out that electric start. It worked awesome!

So that is the latest on my HONDA

Tell me what you think!

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