Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Study of Life
Well so far so good on my biology I have got almost all A’sand it is pretty fun. We go over to our neighbors (the Hicks) and our place to do tests and labs.
My sister and I have six modules left until we are finished with the book. The module I hated the most was the one on the cell. You have to memorize a ton of terms and definitions. Needless to say I didn’t do very good on that one.
In previous modules we looked at pond water to see what was living in it and it was amazing! There was fat ones, short ones, long skinny ones that looked like hairs that were alive, etc. etc.It was awesome! We looked at mold spores on an orange peel under a microscope And they were awesome too!
Today We went over to the Hicks place to do Biology. We had to dissect a worm. It was amazing! I couldn’t believe that there was actually stuff in them besides dirt!We started by making a little slit toward the back and then we cut a slit all the way up to the wider part.
Next we used a tweezers to pull apart the skin and then pin it.After we got that part done we cut the rest of the way up and pinned it open. We used 56 pins! Next we had to draw a picture of it and label all the parts in our notes. I think I did pretty good.
Isn’t GOD great! I mean to put all that complex stuff inside something that is the size of a shoelace (but shorter)!
I got an A on my test so I am pretty happy. Next week we are going to dissect more stuff. It should be fun.

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