Sunday, November 11, 2018

Sense Home Energy Monitor 20% Off Discount Coupon Code Through 2018!

 I just finished installing my Sense Home Energy Monitor and reached out to Sense to see if they could offer my readers a discount code for the product. I was super excited when they said that they would be offering a 20% off discount for a "limited time". That's about $60 off which is very significant. I will have an installation video as well as full review upcoming but wanted to share this so that you can take advantage of the excellent discount.

Go to and you'll be able to obtain your discount. Don't delay! I believe the promotion goes through the end of 2018 but they may change it before then so I wouldn't wait long. They also have a 60 day money back guarantee so if it doesn't work out you can send it back. Let me know what you think!

Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for updates on the monitor at


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

How To Wire a Septic Tank Pump & Alarm System

I wired our septic pump a long while back and am now posting the step by step process. It's really pretty boring but if you do choose to watch it you'll be prepared should you ever encounter a situation where yours stops working!!! :)

Friday, August 24, 2018

How To Install a Ground Bar In a Sub Panel

Well hello! I've been vacant from my little lost and forgotten blog but I'll perhaps start throwing my work on YouTube up here for you guys (if you're there). I love working on things and sharing the really nitty gritty details of how things work and, more importantly, how to do them. In this video I install a ground bar in my main electrical panel. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Have Trouble Keeping Track of Your Cash? Try This!

Up goes our first official "content" for the channel. It's developing but we've got a ways to go. Give this a quick watch and let us know what you think. Hopefully you'll benefit from the content as well.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Christian Family Finance LAUNCH

Good evening! I'm super excited to announce that my wife and I are launching a new project. We're in the process of building a website called Christian Family Finance. It's definitely under construction but feel free to stop by if you want to check it out. The web address is I enjoy making videos on YouTube so that's my main role in the process as Naomi does a much better job with the writing and article/blog stuff. Here is our latest video and Lord willing we'll be posting another video EVERY WEEK.

I've been avoiding committing to posting videos but this is something we feel called to and you can help us stay accountable to that. Please subscribe to our channel on YouTube if you're interested!



Saturday, March 12, 2016

Good Evening

Busy. Does anyone relate? October 2013 was the last post I uploaded to my blog. Life has been busy but that's not why I haven't posted anything lately. You have time for what you make time for. Blogging hasn't been a very high priority as of late. I guess ever since Olaf joined our family in 2013 really.

Anyway, we are doing well and are enjoying the journey God has placed us on.  I still post things online mainly on YouTube. You can check out my channel if you're interested at I post mainly about how to fix random stuff I come across as well as a few house updates here and there.

Thanks for stopping by! I've mentioned it before but you can also check out my wife's blog at if you'd like.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Replacing a Faulty Ballast in a Fluorescent Light

There is always something to fix at my folk's place and a few weeks ago I was called upon to fix a fluorescent light that wasn't working despite having brand new bulbs installed. It turned out to be faulty ballast and Simeon, Johann, and I made a video about repairing it. Enjoy!

Transmission Fluid Change on a 1997 Honda Civic

One of my favorite activities is working on my good old 97 Civic. Just ask Naomi and she'll tell you I love keeping our little coupe in pristine condition. Well, as pristine as it can be anyway. I recently changed out the transmission fluid as preventative maintenance because I didn't know how long it had been since that was done and I made a video of the process. It's super exciting! Don't you think so? ;)

That's all for now. Take it easy!

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Tethering Without Jailbreaking Your iPhone or Rooting Your Android

January 22 2012. That was the date of my last post on my blog. Ha, it seems like life does creep up on me and change my priorities! Anyway, today I felt like making a couple of YouTube videos about how to tether your iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus. It was kind of fun and hopefully someone will benefit from my extremely laborious video editing (in Windows Movie Maker). ;) I thought I'd throw them up on my blog just in case there is anyone who checks it out once in awhile. The content is probably not relevant but at least it's something different than what has been up for over a year!

So, without further to do here is the video on turning your android device into a Wi-Fi hotspot:

And here is how to tether your iPhone 5 without jailbreaking:

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Personal Mission Statement

My wife and I have decided to read one non-fiction book each month in 2012. We are kicking it off with EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey. One of the beginning chapters steps you through developing a personal mission statement and after many hours of thought this is the result:

I will live with integrity and strive to lead and encourage my family, coworkers, friends, and neighbors to follow my Savior Jesus Christ above all else. I will work in a way that surpasses the expectations of my employers and reflects my faith. I will love and lead my family spiritually and financially and raise my children to value education and work. I will run my finances God’s way and live and give with an open hand. In everything I do I will live with the knowledge that my life is for God’s glory and should reflect to others the hope that I have found in Him.

Going through and really thinking about who I am and why I'm here has been an amazing process for me. If you haven't already I'd encourage you to think about a mission statement for yourself. It is powerful.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm Married Now!

That means that you should go check out my wife's blog for more current updates:


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Windows Live Writer

So I’m up late. Really late actually. Should I be up this late? No.


You see, I’ve had a lot of caffeine today and it seems to have taken hold of me somehow. Anyway, I kind of got into catching up on a bunch of random things that I needed to update on my computer and the other day I had installed Windows Live Writer but hadn’t finished setting it up yet. I guess it is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread (What was the best thing before sliced bread?) for blogging so I’m giving it a try. I don’t know about you other bloggers but I always have MAJOR issues with my text size when I save/edit my blog posts with Blogger! I’m a little bit OCD about having things uniform sometimes so this bothers me. I’m hoping that Writer will help me make the posting process a little more streamlined. Hey! That’s a good excuse for not posting frequently! I have problems with text size! :P

Today was crazy. I got home from work past midnight. Working for my dad can be very unpredictable. I don’t mind it much though. It’s pretty exciting!

So, here goes post #1 with Windows Live Writer!


P.S. The beta for Internet Explorer 9 is pretty sweet! It is much cleaner and has Chrome-like speed. Awesome.

P.P.S It is cold outside…

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Am I Really Thankful?

What should I be typing right now. Why do I post on this web page about the little things I do in life? Does anybody really care? Sometimes my life revolves so much around me that I wonder how other people can have time to follow and care about facebook, blogs, and email. Maybe I need to be more involved but sometimes I just don't care.

Lately I've been working. Working long hours which is good but at the same time it makes it difficult to decide what really needs to happen and in what order. Today I was driving the backhoe home and my mind was spinning thinking of three things, all of equal priority, that needed to happen and I couldn't decide which to do first.

Most of the time I have a larger project that I break down into "chunks" which makes it easier to ultimately achieve one's goal. I think my "projects" and "goals" right now are so big to me that the "chunks" are also big and hard to accomplish.

I don't know why it all seems so hard right now. Naomi is in Egypt now and is going to see the Pyramids. I'm really excited for her of course but MN is duller than ever. I wish she was closer. Why are we oceans apart? I've had a cold for the past three days and this weekend is shaping up to be pretty crazy. I need working hours. I'm buying a house. I'm planning for a certain big event next summer. I need sleep. Time is money. Money isn't everything.

Last week Pastor talked about being materialistic. I am a bit that way even though I don't like to admit it. It is something that I need to pray about and ask God to help me with. My dad was saying the other day that, as he gets older, things just really feel temporary and he is right. This earth isn't going to be here forever. I'm not going to be 19 forever and at 19 I've already lived about 1/4th of my life. Am I using it the way God would want me to?

My personal devotions have fallen behind. Almost every morning we read the Bible together as a family but I haven't really been listening. It's almost like listening to the radio but not really "hearing" what it is saying. Just background noise taking the back seat to my thoughts. I don't think I've opened my Bible since Sunday and it is nearly Thursday.

I need to get into a better routine. Why can't I seem to find time to read my Bible? I work long hours and spend a lot of time talking to Naomi and writing emails but that is all I seem to be able to do. I can't use the excuse of not having time because that is a lie. If anyone tells me they don't have time for something it really isn't true. What they are really saying is that "it isn't important enough to change my schedule for". If I'm too busy for God and God says we are to love Him more than anyone or anything, how can I spend so much time earning money and fulfilling my earthly relationships but not even have time to open my Bible? It isn't right. Today, this is the real me. I'm not perfect and tonight I'll admit it.

I'm sorry that it has been so long since I've last posted anything. I "don't have time" these days. I need to get back to my Bible before any more blogging or anything else happens. I'm hoping to do a post or two on my house project so hopefully I'll get that done soon! I really want to keep people updated and it is especially important that I take time to get some updates through to a few far away places! ;)

God bless and happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Three Weeks

I'm sitting in the airport right now. I feel a little numb and disconnected from the world. I'm just in shock that it has been three weeks already since I stepped off that plane and got to see my girl once more. It almost seems like a dream now. I'm at Starbucks just like I was before I arrived. All I have to say right now is that long distance relationships aren't fun. I'm completely confident that it will all work out but the time of separation is hard.

Here Naomi and I were at one of the "nice" beaches in Malta. We didn't get to do that many sight seeing/tourist things because our schedules were so tight. I wish I could tell you all about Malta but to be honest, I didn't get to see all that much of it. Okay, I'm pretty much just being random right now but I guess I really don't feel like being refined or polished. My battery is about to die now. I wonder if there is a power source somewhere. I don't see any here at Starbucks.

I'll post more if I find somewhere to plug in my computer.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I know that some of you want to know more about another aspect of my visit right now but I'd like to share a bit about working on the ship so far.

It just so happened that the time I came to the ship the ship photographer was on break! I didn't know or anticipate this at all but since this was the case Ruben (In charge of the Communications Department) has been having me take pictures of the ship and other things that are related to the ministry and work that are happening! I'm not just a plumber this time! Isn't it amazing how God works things out!?

Every Thursday is prayer night which starts at 7:00 and typically lasts 3 hours. This Thursday was different though because we didn't just stay on the ship as usual but instead went on a "prayer drive" all through Malta and went to various locations to meet and pray. We went to a little church that was up on the 3rd story of a downtown building. It was really cool and I was blessed to be the photographer!
Naomi has really been developing her photography skills (Someday I hope she will be my assistant!) while I was gone because she was able to finally have equipment with more control. One night we decided to go out with the tripod and take a few long exposure night shots! We had a grand time and enjoyed the calm evening together. We have to be back on the ship by midnight so this was probably at about 10:30. Naomi is very careful to never be late! She is good for me!
A local Christian band came and blessed us with their performance in the Hope Theater on the ship and I was the photographer! I had a lot of fun going back stage and getting some unusual perspectives.
Naomi and I have been having a wonderful time together. Today she is off the ship with her family on break and I have to work unfortunately. She is taking 4 break days (Something Project Workers don't get) while her parents are here to catch up with them! She got to see her little sister for the first time in 1.5 years! Oh yeah, Noami's parents are pretty cool too! That's all I'm going to say about that now though! ;)

Sunday, October 03, 2010

On My Way!

Goodbye drenched Minnesota! You tried to keep me there so hard with your flooded rivers but somehow you couldn't. I'm headed to a little island in the Mediterranean Sea called Malta! Below is a view out the window of my air bus as I took off from the cities.

The flights went well and were pretty uneventful. Even though the flight went all through the night I didn't sleep a wink. My flight arrived 45 minutes early in Amsterdam and I had a 5 hour layover to wait for my flight to Malta.
After spending 3 Euros on 15 minutes of internet and sending out a few brief messages (15 minutes of internet doesn't last long) I lounged around and didn't accomplish all that much. I went to Starbucks and got a grande caramel frapp to wake me up, and eventually boarded the plane, waited some more, and finally was airborne headed for Malta!
I flew over the Alps and got a quick picture of those beautiful mountains. It felt just like flying over Colorado but thinking about Hannibal crossing these mountains with the Carthaginian army set it apart.
So, I'm not sure if you can tell but I was really really tired on arrival thanks to that girl in the above picture! I was so crazy excited I couldn't sleep on the plane and when I finally arrived in Malta I collected my luggage and walked out the doors to be greeted by the many people waiting to pick up the arrivals and then I saw her. I don't remember much else because I pretty much couldn't think from that point on. I had thought of all these things to say when I saw her but the only thing I could manage was a permasmile that lasted until, well, it's still there. Naomi is amazing! After being gone I realized how much I really missed her while I was gone!
Malta is really beautiful but to be perfectly honest I've been a bit preoccupied with catching up with people, work, and getting ready to "meet the parents".


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Text Only

Hey guys! It has been a long time since I've posted anything up here and I'm going to try to do better in the future. I wonder how many times ambitious bloggers have said that before... hmm, that would be a good Harvard study! Some of the studies that come out of America's top colleges disappoint me at times.

Anyway, the other day after church a friend approached me and told me she can't wait for me to leave again! Somewhat shocked I asked why and she said that she wants me to leave because that is the only time I post anything on my blog! :P After thinking about it I guess it is really true. I guess I should be blogging more about my life at home. My life just feels really mundane sometimes and I don't think anyone would really care to know about it but I guess most people that I think have very interesting lives think that way too.

So, be expecting "lots" of posts about random things soon! ;) I'll be posting mostly about my house and the remodeling project I think.

God bless!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Naomi and I

So here it is; today I officially have SP with Naomi Sue Nelson! I’ve wanted to tell the world about this for a long time now but without the permission of having SP nothing was truly official until now. I really can't believe this day actually came! It was a long hard road to traverse but we made it!

Okay so some of you are like "What in the world is SP?" and I'd like to explain. SP is something that Operation Mobilization has crafted in order to help keep interaction between people of the opposite gender restrained so that you can stay focused on serving God and be efficient in your work. The rule restricts all relationships for the first year of serving with OM and then after a year you can apply for something called SP or Special Permission.

So the problem is this; I joined OM and the Logos Hope in January. I've been informed that a typical year has 12 months (I tried to convince them that my culture believes in 1 month years but they didn't buy it...) and therefore I would have never been allowed to get SP while on board. That is the basic explanation of the ship policy on relationships.

I met Naomi about 10 days after I walked up the gangway in Aruba as a STEPper during the sail to Jamaica. It was my first sail and one evening while up on the upper decks of the ship I started talking with her and we hit it off! It turns out she has a big family too! The things we had in common were crazy and within two weeks we both knew that there was something different between us. We knew that it wasn't allowed during my first year (Her first year was already up.) and so we had to go talk with Personnel. They gave us good guidelines with how to act and where and how we could see each other. No time was allowed to be spent "one on one" at all.

Since then we've had ups and downs working with the frustrations of hiding all of the emotion and things we wished we could do for the other. We kept in contact mostly via email, chat, and phone (As if it was already a long distance relationship while literally in the same boat!) which worked but was frustrating knowing that the person was only a few steps away from being able to talk in person but it wasn't allowed. You can see how this would be trying at times.

After talking with Personnel multiple times they have decided to grant us “Leaving SP” for two weeks before I leave because we can never get SP because I can’t stay for an entire year. Even if I was able to stay for a year she would leave right before my year was up! The grace that they are showing us is one of the most amazing things that has happened while on the ship. The very best thing about all this is that God has been at the center from day 1. God has provided me with strength and perseverance to endure and excel in my work on the ship.

A little about Naomi:

She was born in Indiana and when she was 1 her parents moved to Hong Kong as missionaries and moved to China when she was a junior in high school. She is the oldest of 9 kids and they were homeschooled. After high school she became interested in the ship after the Doulos (Now retired) visited Hong Kong and after some prayer decided to apply to work on the ship. On the ship she has worked in two departments. For the first 7 months she worked in Accommodation. Her passion wasn’t for vacuuming and cleaning though and really wanted to work in Deck with Marine Operations and would spend her free time learning all about sailing and all sorts of things I would never care to know! She knew more about the department than most of the people serving in Deck knew! She finally was able to move to Deck which was a miracle because they don’t normally take many girls into the department because of the nature of the work. She is hard working though and probably gets more done than others that are much stronger than her. Everything went well for her until I showed up and turned everything upside crazy! :P

She has a blog that she maintains if you’re interested in checking it out.

So we now have 14 days before I leave. 14 days of SP. 14 days where we can sit and talk and not worry about being in a group or the people around us. 14 days before we embark on a long distance relationship that will be trying and rewarding. I believe that God has made it work thus far and I believe He will continue to guide us as we move forward.

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Ephesians 3:20

“And that’s all I have to say about that.”


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Captain Speaking

Every day at noon the captain makes an announcement while sailing. Today as we were listening to the list of things he had to pass on to us he made one statement that stood out.

"No one should take showers from this point on."

Right now we are also on what hot cat (Hotel and Catering) calls "restricted laundry" which means on our weekly laundry day we are limited to washing only 7 items plus your underwear bag. You see, we've been having issues with our R.O. fresh water production plants. We have 2 units and about a week ago the first one stopped working and couldn't be fixed without resources from on shore. Now the second one is broken as well. It isn't a life-and-death situation because we will be able to bunker water tomorrow at a small island that we are stopping at for fuel. The city originally didn't have capacity to give us water but being that we have a ways to go yet we really need to take on water so the city is actually going to turn the water for the city off in order to give us the volume that we need. What an answer to prayer.

Okay, back to work I go! I just finished my lunch break for today. We get a generous 1 hour to take lunch and it is enough time to get a few other things done if you're motivated.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Atlantic Crossing

Nearly 5 months after leaving Minnesota I am still on the Logos Hope - almost 3 months longer than my original STEP program was supposed to end. It has been amazing to see how God has been working in my life since I left home to volunteer my time on board as a plumber. We are now embarked on the 14 day sail across the ocean headed for West Africa! Sailing is always more relaxed than being in port because the community really rests, trains, prepares, and grows closer together while sailing in preparation for the ports to come.
Below the ship was shifting berths early in the morning in Dominica. I got up early and biked to the other berth and was able to get some shots of the ship like it looks when it isn't tied to a quayside. You can see if you look closely the crew gangway suspended from the starboard side of the ship.

Like I said before the community has time to really relax and do some enjoyable things together. The other evening we were blessed by our galley and pantry team with a cookout with real hamburgers and all of the side items you would expect. It is so cool to go up to the top decks and look around at the horizon and see absolutely nothing. Only water and an occasional flying fish.
Every Thursday is prayer night. Last Thursday they put on something very different than normal that was supposed to give us a picture of what it is like to be truly poor. We reenacted what one family in Africa does for a living. They make paper bags all day every day and struggle to even pay for what they need to stay alive let alone think about sending the children to school or affording other such "luxuries" that we take for granted every day. We got into groups and we had to make paper bags and sell them. We had limited time and had to do our best to meet the minimum payments for food, water, housing, and trying to send a child to school. You could also choose to work for one of the shopkeepers and make money outside of the home and one of the options was to send our sisters into prostitution just to make enough money to live.

I wish I could say that it was just a simulation, a game, but unfortunately it is a very real representation of how people struggle for survival. We can provide some help to these people during our visit to Africa in the form of supplies but we want to supply them with the truth of Jesus. Give them water that will make them never thirst again. Please pray that as the Logos Hope every day comes nearer and nearer to Africa that the Holy Spirit will go before us and prepare a way in the hearts of the people that we will come into contact with. As you know the Caribbean is very poor in some areas but Africa even more so.
Thanks for your support and encouragement. I'm going to try to post a few past stories and pictures from the Caribbean during the remaining time of the Atlantic voyage so be expecting those. God bless.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Antigua was a beautiful little island that was not too touristy. If you want to read about Antigua and more details I linked the title of this post to the Wikipedia article. I know I know, linking to Wikipedia is not cool because it could potentially be inaccurate but just deal with it. Sometimes when we're in a touristy port it is nice to be in an area that is very Americanized because the USD is always accepted and the stores are similar and it feels like home but sometimes it's cool for it to just be plain and simple. Below we are just about to arrive. People always come up to deck 9 and watch as we come up against the quayside.
This is a concrete platform strictly for the purpose of ships being able to anchor their mooring lines to the bollards. There are also shock absorbers for ships to come up against and not be damaged because of the giving materials that the absorber is made of.

People usually bring out their flags and act all patriotic. It's pretty sweet.
Here is the line up team that had been in Antigua for about two months getting things ready for the ship to come. Things like events, sponsors, coordination of an internet connection and other required things for everything to run smoothly.
On the other side of the quayside there was a research ship that had many specially designed devices for searching the ocean floor. Very cool.
All of that is interesting and all but best of all there was an ice cream shop right as you come onto the shore! This ice cream shop was no ordinary ice cream shop though. All of the waffle cones, ice cream, and chocolate are made right there in the shop. I'm pretty sure it's the best ice cream I've ever had. If you're ever passing through Antigua I'd recommend stopping through and having a medium cone. One scoop of chocolate coconut and one of pineapple. You won't be disappointed. ;)
Yes, I'll admit it. I'm very American. I love my ice cream. I love my food. I miss the freedom of driving. I don't even care what I drive I just want to drive something! I haven't driven anything since I left Minnesota back in January! I'm starting to forget what it was like!

Anyway, I only have a little under 2 months remaining on the ship and I know that it is going to probably go faster than I want it to. It's been awesome so far. Thanks for your support and prayer as I keep things "flowing" on the Logos Hope.

Looking for your pictures?

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